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About the Southern Oregon Business Journal

The Southern Oregon Business Journal is a publication for the economically curious, professionally inspired, and acutely motivated. The six counties of Southern Oregon have long struggled to effectively tell their story. Over the last decade many conversations have occurred in meetings of every kind about how we can market ourselves better. The result is the launching of this Southern Oregon Business Journal.

Business and industry in this corner of Oregon ranges from historic agriculture and timber products industries to 21st Century manufacturing. We border the Pacific Rim and have an interstate highway through our mid-section tying us to the dynamic areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles to the south, and the heart beat of the Northwest in Portland and Seattle. Our strategic location is an asset we have the ability to utilize to our grand advantage.

Over two dozen experts in business and industry will be monthly contributing writers for The Southern Oregon Business Journal assisting readers interested in business development, recruitment and retention in our part of the country. We occupy an area larger than seven American States and have a population less than 500,000. Our potential is off the charts when we bind ourselves to a common thread that will help us excel in business growth and economic development that will also provide education, jobs and quality services to the population of the area.

It is our honor to tell the story of Southwest Oregon.

The messages will address important issues that impact each of us. There will be reports on education, health and medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, timber products, fishing, energy, wines and wineries, the macro and micro economy, foreign trade, retail and government.
Welcome to the readership of Southern Oregon’s Business Journal.

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