Our Vision

Economic vitality and prosperity through leadership and advocacy.

Our Core Values
  • Leadership: Proactively engage issues and opportunities to lead Klamath County in the 21st century.
  • Partnerships: Create partnerships with others to achieve results.
  • Integrity: Be honest, open and trustworthy with individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • Awareness: Be aware and well informed of the needs of our County.
  • Commitment: Support and honor the vision, core values, and mission of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce.


Our Mission

The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce is committed to Klamath County by advancing its economic vitality and quality of life through the education, promotion and networking of our members.

Our Goals

Advance The Economic Vitality Of Klamath County

  • Attract and recruit new business.
  • Promote, retain and support existing business.

Advance The Livability Of Klamath County

  • Improve the amenities and aesthetics of our county
  • Promote a positive community self image.