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Product To Production LLC is a consulting and contract service firm that specializes in helping manufacturing companies in creating or improving their manufacturing systems.
As the name implies, Product To Production offers a full compliment of services along the product design and development – to – product manufacturing path. Please visit our website at to see a full list of our services.

Product To Production (PtoP) pursues a holistic approach to production development; balancing the ideals of lean manufacturing (one piece flow) with the realities of production scheduling, material cost and contribution, labor and skills availability and other factors to arrive at the overall best production system that can be implemented at the time. PtoP also promotes continuous improvement philosophies with an underlying emphasis on long term investments and strategies to sustain and improve production capabilities for many years to come.

Aaron Wood, owner and lead consultant for Product to Production, is an eighteen-year veteran of manufacturing in the fenestration (window) industry. Mr. Wood graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in 2001 with a Bachelor of science degree in Manufacturing Engineering. Mr. Wood’s work experience has been diverse over the years, he has served in product design with focus on design for manufacturability, as a capital investment and equipment project manager, as a process improvement leader and as an equipment service and sustainability expert.