The Klamath Experience

Customer Service and Community Appreciation Training

The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce has developed a “frontline” service personnel training program in cooperation with Discover Klamath and the Regional Workforce Investment Board. The idea for the training program began when the Chamber commissioned a hidden camera study of various businesses that visitors regularly interact with such as gas stations, fast food outlets and coffee stands. The project showed frontline employees have a great interest in helping guests who are visiting the community but lack the material and informational support to answer many basic questions.

Through the program, employees will learn to:

  • Describe exceptional customer service
  • Identify the benefits of exceptional customer service
  • Adapt to specific customer behavior styles
  • Name 10 attractions within Klamath County

The program is provided at no charge to the business community and will be scheduled to meet the needs of the largest number of businesses possible. The program runs approximately 90 minutes and features a variety of customer service tips, community information, effective ways in which to deliver excellent customer service and share the Klamath message with guests.

For more information or to schedule the training at your business, please contact the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce at 541-884-5193.


“First American Title participated in the Chamber’s frontline service training given by Chip and Heather. It was a great, low key environment, which I find rare for training to be done in the office, during work hours, and in a casual open setting. Our office really enjoyed the training and learned many things about Klamath County that we didn’t know and that we can definitely use to pass on to our visitors (clients, customers, friends) coming to our office. We have some of the fliers at our front desk for customers on a daily basis. Given that First American works with many buyers who are new to the area, this class was very informative and not to mention FUN!”
—Stacy Collins, First American Title