Ho, ho, ho Chamber Fans! I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but it’s snowing all over my parade here in Klamath County. It brings to mind that the holiday season isn’t fast approaching, it is downright on top of us. In drifts.

I struggle every year with buying gifts for my family. How much should I spend? When the kids are grown, do you just send them money? Is it ever okay to give zombie themed presents at Christmas time? How long do you keep a kitten in a gift box with airholes before they need a litter box?

On top of worrying about gifting, I’m juggling some pretty amazing job requirements here in Chamberland, like this little thing called the Annual Awards Gala. And I got to thinking, “I bet I can help Chamber fans with their gifting. I know what they can give their loved ones! Time!

Specifically, time at one of our Events. I say Events with a capital letter because they’re not just events that you go to and wish you had that time back in your life. No, these are Events, where you were glad you went because you had the time of your life.

How do Chamber Events tie in with Christmas or gift-giving? (We have Events throughout the year…great for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, anniversaries…you get the idea)

One word: Time.

What is the most valuable commodity you possess? It’s not your watch, your rig, your vacation home in Bora Bora (okay that one is pretty cool), or your estimated net worth. It’s your time. You see where I’m going with this?

For instance…we have an Event coming up in January. I may have mentioned it. It’s our Annual Awards Gala, a Hollywood-esque night on the town, with dressing up, music, drinks, and socializing. You buy your husband or wife a pair of tickets to the Gala, and he or she is getting the gift of time with you, having fun.

Maybe that sounds cheesy. You’re thinking, “My significant other would much rather have a Rolls Royce than a pair of tickets to a night out with me.”

And maybe you’re right. Are you boring? Or does your s/o prefer shiny metal things to creating memories that will sustain them through old age? Inquiring minds.

Look, my husband once bought me tickets to see a movie I had zero interest in watching. Jason Bourne, I’m looking at you. But we spent time together. And so I went, happily, and made fun of Matt Damon. He watched and defended the franchise. A good time was had by all.

So here’s what you do: buy a couple of Gala tickets (I’m even hyperlinking them for you). Get a nice card, something by Rockwell or Thomas Kincaid. Put the tickets in the card and write something sappy inside of it. Place the card with the tickets in their stocking, on the tree, in the mail, in her purse or his briefcase, on the driver’s seat of the car…wherever.

And make sure you emphasize how you are looking forward to sharing with your loved one the gift of time.

You’re still here? Not convinced yet, huh? Well, check out these photos from the past couple of years…don’t they look like they are having a blast!?

(Thanks Brian Gailey Photography for capturing our memories!)