Chamber Press Releases

Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Announces New Board Members

The Klamath County Chamber of Commerce is seeking business and individual nominations for its annual awards which will be celebrated at the 95th Annual Awards Gala on February 6, 2015 at the Ross Ragland Theater.

The Chamber’s annual awards represent the highest honor the Chamber can bestow upon worthy individuals and businesses. Executive Director Charles Massie says, “The awards are a way for the community and the Chamber to recognize the businesses and individuals in the community that make a difference and make Klamath a great place to work, play, and live.” This year, the Chamber will hand out awards for:

  • Big IDEA Innovation Award – Awarded to an organization in any industry that employs new ideas or approaches to doing business.  Innovation could fill an unmet need, create attention, be different or better than existing products, exceed market expectations, achieve financial success, or improve business systems.
  • Environmental Leadership Award – Awarded to any organization in any industry that demonstrates an alignment with clean energy or clean technology practices.
  • Commitment to Community – Awarded to any organization in any industry that demonstrates a successful approach to corporate social responsibility and can show a positive impact on the community.
  • Best Place to Work Award (business with 15 or less employees, business with 16 or more employees) – Presented to an organization that, through its innovation and dedication, provides employees with an outstanding positive, healthy and productive workplace.
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurism – Awarded to an individual who exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit, originality, personal integrity, and influence.  Awarded to an individual who has taken risks in business (could be started a new venture, expanded into a new area, taken on a difficult project, demonstrates “outside the box” thinking, or demonstrate a vision for the future).
  • Lifetime Achievement – Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional business achievement and outstanding commitment to Klamath’s business community over their lifetime.  Must be a business leader in Klamath County and be a member of the Chamber.  Must have participated in the Klamath business community for a minimum of 20 years.
  • The Pathfinder Award – Awarded to presidents, principals or chief executive officers for devoting time and energy to strengthen and transform the organization that they lead. This includes specific situations or initiatives where the recipient’s insight, discernment and ability to lead and inspire have guided their organization to a new level of growth, achievement and recognition. This individual should actively support advancement of their organization, create a vision and inspire others, establish a positive image for his or her business while leading it to higher levels of success, encourage innovation and risk-taking among employees, and give back to the community.

Through the awards, the Chamber seeks to celebrate the dedication and commitment of the business talent and the entrepreneurial spirit that exists within our community. In 2015,  Tashia Owen of Tashi Soap Company received the Spirit of Entrepreneurism award for her entrepreneurial spirit and her success in her business. Tashia Owen says, “It was such an honor to receive such an important special award, like the Spirit of Entrepreneurship award, from our community, and to be rewarded for all of our hard work and commitment to serving others. It made us want to continue to do everything we can to stand out in our small town and be there for those in need. Much thanks to the Chamber for everything they do for the small businesses here locally!”

To make a nomination, click here. The deadline for nominations is January 1, 2016. For more information on the event, visit or call (541) 884-5193.