SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologist, INC

803 Main St.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

SHN is actively recruiting mid/senior level civil engineers specializing in water, wastewater, public works, and environmental services; a professional licensed surveyor, and a survey technician.  We offer the advantages of working at a small company (you’ll “wear lots of hats”), but we are large enough to support research and application of new technologies such as Horizontal Directional Drilling, cast in place pipe, ElectroScan™ leak detection, and Multispectral Analyses Via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  Our current planning projects include developing university student housing, analyzing impacts and creating mitigations for dam removals, and monitoring mitigation projects relating to highway construction.  The work we do benefits our communities and environment, which is a primary motivator for us!  The work is also generally demanding and often on a tight deadline so we work in teams that foster camaraderie, friendships, respect, and leadership.