Citizens For Safe Schools

PO Box 243 2316 S 6th St Ste A
Klamath Falls, OR 97601


Citizens for Safe Schools (CFSS) is a non-profit youth development agency with a vision for a safe and drug free community where children at risk for delinquency, academic failure and victimization have opportunities to build resiliency and character. CFSS provides the community with a one-to-one, professionally supported volunteer-based mentoring program that targets youth in the 4th-8th grades. CFSS works in collaboration with schools, the juvenile department, and related partners to implement preventative and character education programming to achieve improved graduation rates, reduced delinquency and juvenile crime in Klamath County. 


If you have considered giving back to our local Klamath Community we would love to welcome you to our agency. We are looking for men and women ages 18+ to spend one hour per week for one year with an ‘At-Promise’ youth in the 4th-8th grade.  No experience necessary, we have a place for everyone with a heart for kids and community. Our Mentors are professionally supported and empowered with the knowlege and resources to help our kids grow into safe, humane, non-violent and successful citizens. Please call or e-mail us TODAY for more information!