AirLink Critical Care Transport


Contact Jennifer Hart – 541-294-4868 or email for questions regarding Membership Options


  • When a severe and sudden injury or illness occurs without warning time becomes of the essence!
  • No one knows this better than the flight crew at AirLink Critical Care Transport (CCT).
  • AirLink CCT is an emergency air ambulance service with over three decades of experience with an ongoing commitment to transporting ill or injured patients.
  • In Rural Oregon, we’re your best link for higher levels of care between one hospital to another hospital for advanced life saving specialties.

AirLink Critical Care Transport

  • When a medical emergency arises, you can rely on AirLink CCT and our managed ground agencies to provide expert medical care and transport at a moment’s notice, 24-hours, every day.
  • AirLink CCT is a proud member of Americas’ largest air medical transport membership, the AirMedCare Network.
  • Membership is offered starting at $65 a household to cover transports 100% and funds remain in your local community.


Air Transport

  • Air medical transportation for seriously ill or injured patients to nearest medical facilities
  • Specializing in neonatal, pediatrics and adult critical care
  • Respond to emergency scenes
  • Hospital-to-hospital transports
  • Requests to assist search and rescue crews
  • For emergencies call 911
  • Providing superior patient care

Ground Transport

  • Part of a shared network of more than 80 other participating agencies –  Ground protects you from out-of-pocket ground transport expenses
  • Using an ambulance is a very expensive medical procedure.
  • Members of a household can help protect themselves from a high ambulance bill when they need emergency medical transport.
  • The Ground Program will protect an individual from having any out-of-pocket expense if they or a member of their household needs an emergency ambulance.
  • Under the Ground program, we will bill your insurance. We accept what the insurance pays as payment in full, thus you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance call.