AirLink Critical Care Transport




AirLink Critical Care Transport

Ask American’s, what is their number one (1) priority they’ll say providing for their family’s health and security. At AirMedCare Network, your family’s protection is at the very heart and core of our mission. AirLink Critical Care Transport, Cal-Ore Lifeflight and REACH are your local air ambulance providers in Oregon.  AirLink Critical Care Transport is based right here in Klamath Falls and serves emergency air ambulance needs for Klamath County. Your emergency air transport membership can give you peace of mind knowing that even if medical emergencies arise, you and your loved ones would not bear the burden of out-of-pocket flight expenses when flown by an AirMedCare Network provider. Often times, these air ambulance costs are not completely covered by insurance companies.  


Klamath County Chamber members receive discounts when enrolling in an AirMedCare Network membership ranging from $20 up to $190 savings using a unique coupon code, 10080-OR-BUS.  Membership starts at only $65 per year and covers your entire household within our expansive network.  There are over 320 locations across the United States and the highly trained staff of nurses, pilots and medics are available 365 days a year to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of care.


An AirMedCare Network membership is not insurance.  AMCN works with your insurance company, supplementals and third-party payers such as an at-fault driver of an automobile or the at-fault person’s liability insurance carrier. Even after insurance pays, you may have a remaining balance due to co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, or because your insurance’s allowable amount does not cover the total charges. Additionally, your insurance may decide that the flight does not fit a specific parameter covered under your policy and deny payment. Membership will cover the cost of the flight for you, even if your insurance does not.


AirMedCare Network Providers work very closely with ground EMS agencies. These agencies request AirMedCare Network to transport their patients when medically necessary. AirMedCare Network Providers also prepare appropriate training and education for ground EMS agencies. Within Klamath County, the AirMedCare Network administers Klamath County Fire District No. 1, Rocky Point Fire EMS, Chemult RFPD and Crescent RFPD memberships.  FireMed is part of a shared network of more than 80 other participating agencies. The Ground Programs offered by AMCN will protect an individual from having any out-of-pocket expense if they or a member of their household needs an emergency ground ambulance.  Under the Ground Program, we will bill your insurance.  We accept what the insurance pays as payment in full, thus you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance call.  Ground Ambulance memberships support your local EMS agency directly.


The AirMedCare Network also offers non-emergency air ambulance coverage through our AMCN Fly-U-Home membership.  Should your or anyone listed under your household become hospitalized as an inpatient more than 150 nautical miles from home, we’ll fly you to the hospital of your choice back home, via our private “flying-ICU” aircrafts.  These transports are typically not covered by insurance and can be very expensive. With the current climate and shortage of ICU bed availability patients can be flown to a Trauma Center further than they could image which may put them a long way from home or even in another state.  AMCN Fly-U-Home allows you to recover on your terms.   

Your local membership manager, Crystal Martinez, is a Klamath County resident, like you. I work as a team with my husband “Team Martinez” and we’ve been working together for over 18 years. We are here to answer any questions you have and to assist in enrolling you into the membership programs that fit your households needs at the lowest available cost to you. Additionally, we can offer business plans to cover your employees.