Hello Members,

There’s been a lot to digest this past week and I know it has brought some challenges and worry for us all. Today’s news is no less so. I want to let you know the Chamber is continuing to stay up to date on business related issues on your behalf and will continue to post updates as appropriate but in a way to not overwhelm you with information. You can visit here for more information. We also just received the newest executive order from the Governors Office that you can read here. Here are some of the finer points:

• All non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals are prohibited immediately, regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Gatherings of members of the same residential household are permitted.

• It closes and prohibits shopping at specific categories of retail businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult to avoid, such as arcades, barber shops, hair salons, gyms and fitness studios, skating rinks, theaters, and yoga studios.

• It requires businesses not closed by the order to implement social distancing policies in order to remain open, and requires workplaces to implement teleworking and work-at-home options when possible.

•It directs Oregonians to stay home whenever possible, while permitting activities outside the home when social distance is maintained.

• It closes playgrounds, sports courts, and skate parks, among other types of outdoor recreation facilities. Those that remain open are required to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines.

• It outlines new guidelines for child care facilities, setting limits and rules on amounts of children allowed in care, and outlining that child care groups may not change participants.

• Failure to comply with the order will be considered an immediate danger to public health and subject to a Class C misdemeanor.

Retail businesses closed by Executive Order 20-12 include:

• Shopping: Outdoor and indoor malls and retail complexes, although individual types of businesses not subject to the measures may stay open.

• Fitness: Gyms, sports and fitness centers, health clubs, and exercise studios

• Grooming: Barbershops, beauty and nail salons, and non-medical wellness spas • Entertainment: Theaters, amusement parks, arcades, bowling alleys, and pool halls.

• Other retail businesses will not be able to continue to operate unless they can implement strict social distancing measures and designate an employee or officer charged with ensuring compliance. Retail businesses able to adapt to take-out style shopping experiences can also remain open. If businesses can have employees work from home, then they must do so. Many of the businesses outlined in the order have voluntarily closed their doors already, to do their part to protect Oregon’s communities. In addition, non-retail businesses like manufacturers and the construction industry must ensure that their employees are maintaining social distancing measures.

Our offices will be closed but we will be working and available via phone at 541-884-5193 or email to Heather at heathert@klamath.org or Marissa at reception@klamath.org. We are cancelling our in person Awake@8 networking meetings through the end of April but this week we will debut a virtual version that you can participate in. Details will follow soon. Again, your Chamber is looking out for you. I have been in contact often with elected officials sharing your voice and sharing your stories as they look for ways to provide the business community some relief. Please continue to email me with your questions, stories, and the impacts you are feeling.

Klamath County is strong and resilient. We will all get through this as a community.

Stay safe and talk soon.