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Klamath County is home of Crater Lake National Park. Outdoor sports are unlimited for all ages and all seasons. More than 82 lakes and streams can be accessed. The cost of living in Klamath County is lower than the national average making our community very appealing to potential residents and businesses. If you will be visiting Klamath County in the near future, be sure to check out our calendar of events so that you can make the most your stay.

Visitor Information

If you are planning to visit Klamath County, be sure to request a visitor's packet. Or visit Discover

Klamath, the official tourism agency of Klamath County.

Things To Do in Klamath County

Klamath County is world-renowned for its wide variety of bird species. Klamath County is also home to Crater Lake National Park. More about local attractions >

Hotels & Lodging

Whether you are looking to keep travel costs under a tight budget or looking for a retreat-paradise that includes every amenity, Klamath County has you covered. Find a place to stay >

Restaurants & Dining

From a simple meal, to a casual hang-out to sample a local beer to a four-star dinning experience, Klamath county has it all. Find a Restaurant