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Nov 2, 2016 — by: Heather Tramp


Press Release

September 21st, 2016 - AirLink Critical Care Transport partners with Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce.

AirLink CCT is committed to the community of Klamath Falls and to ensuring we are a valuable participant to the Klamath Chamber of Commerce.  We believe value means working in the best interest of the Klamath Chamber and its many Members by creating a means to both support the chamber and champion this vital community service.

Therefore, we’d like to announce a new initiative to donating back to Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce through our Air Ambulance Membership Program.

How will AirLink CCT donate to the Klamath Chamber…

AirLink CCT would like to offer Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce Businesses an opportunity to provide air ambulance coverage for all employees and their entire household at a discounted rate of $55 dollars annually (standard annual rates are $65 dollars).  As an added benefit AirLink CCT will donate $10 back per employee enrollment to Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Annual Fee per Employee and members of their household - $55.00 with $10 donated back to the Klamath Chamber

AirLink CCT is your local air ambulance provider with bases in both Bend and Klamath Falls we are proud to serve the Klamath Basin and residents of Central OR down into Northern California. In our business timing is everything and we understand the critical need for providing superior patient care and safe transport in times of medical emergencies. For those of us living in rural America, recovery can often depend on the time it takes to be transported to emergency medical facility or between medical centers for higher levels of care or specialty services.  AirLink CCT is a unique air provider in that we are truly a critical care transport company. Meaning our highly skilled staff can provide you and your loved ones with the expert care they require while cutting the transportation time in half. 

How does membership work

In the event a member is flown by AirLink CCT or a provider of AirMedCare Network for a life or limb-threatening emergency, we will work with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight.  Whatever your benefits provider pays it will be considered payment in full (including co-pays and deductibles). Even with medical insurance, an air medical transport can leave you with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, burdening your finances & family. As an AirMedCare Network member you will have no out-of-pocket expenses related to your flight, if you are flown by any  AirMedCare Network participating provider.  

AirMedCare Network, is the largest Air Ambulance Membership Network in the United States. Your membership automatically enrolls you, and the members of your household in to the AMCN membership programs, giving you membership coverage in over 250 locations across 32 states. All AirMedCare Network service providers work  cooperatively  to  provide  the  highest  levels  of  care  for  you and your family. 

AirLink CCT cares about you and your loved ones. Our mission is to make it possible for people living in rural areas to get the life-saving emergency care they need, when they need it. Thanks to the support of over 2.5 million members, AirMedCare  Network  providers  can  provide  financial  peace  of  mind  for  you  and  your family…while providing this vital service to our community. 

Additionally we also manage Klamath County Fire District One and Rocky Point Fire and EMS ground ambulance memberships (as low as $58 – Annual Fee – including members of employee household).

To set up a Business Plan Coverage for Employees contact Jennifer Hart Membership Manager, Cell:  541-294-4868, Email: