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Aug 3, 2017 — by: Chrystal Vaughan

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Part Four of Five

We're almost at the finish line, Chamber-verse. The eclipse is only a couple short weeks away. Are you ready!? Let's are a couple of checklists to make sure you're on top of things.

Watching the Eclipse from home:

  • Complete all shopping the week before
  • Have drinking water (just in case)
  • Vehicles filled with gas the week before
  • Prescriptions picked up
  • Grocery shopping completed the week before
  • Pets/livestock have a safe place
  • Eclipse glasses on hand

Business Eclipse Checklist:

  • Technology is updated and tested
  • Staff is scheduled to work that week
  • Licenses are renewed if applicable
  • Bathrooms are stocked
  • Extra garbage receptacles are available
  • Signage is completed


It seems like I'm repeating myself, I know, but it's important to make sure we are ready for visitors. There will be a couple. One or two. Million.

If you're JUST NOW thinking about this Eclipse thing, and decide you want to throw an eclipse party, it's not too late. Here in 97601/03, we are expected to see the eclipse begin at 9:04 am on August 21st. It will peak at 10:18 am, and end around 11:40 am. I'm not kidding, look for yourself.

Our friends at NASA have helpfully provided a whole bunch of great info and tips and materials for those wanting to host an eclipse party. If you want to attend an eclipse party, I'm sure there isn't a dearth of them, but I happen to know the Downtown Association is hosting a pretty sweet one at Sugarman's Corner:


(I also happen to know that Margot Durand of Fisher Nicholson--Oregon Licensed Real Estate Broker--is bringing some eclipse glasses down to the Chamber offices. First come is first served Chamber friends!)

Short and sweet...that's today's blog post! I've got one more post for you about this eclipse stuff and then you'll never hear of it again. Or at least not for another seven years...

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