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Jun 21, 2017 — by: Chrystal Vaughan


Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Part One of Five

Maybe you’ve heard of the small event known as the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN happening on August 21st, 2017 but if you haven’t…well, there’s going to be an eclipse on August 21st this year. Why is that important? Here are a couple of statistics and factoids to help you grasp the bigger picture:

  • Perhaps the best viewing opportunity anywhere in the United States is on the east side of the  Cascades, which at 3,000 metres, are high enough to make a major dent in the cloud-cover
  • This total eclipse has a potential audience of some 12 million people who live within the totality path. However, the amount of people who are within just a one day's drive (~500 miles) of the totality zone number around 220 million
  • While the total eclipse will be visible as far away as South Carolina, Oregon is considered one of the best places in the country to see it, thanks to favorable August weather, relatively sparse population and an abundance of public land.
  • The eclipse will drive an estimated 1 million people into the narrow path across Oregon

Do you know what 1 million people looks like? Here's a visual:


The One Million Dollar Question

What does all of this mean for your business? Increased traffic to Klamath means increased traffic to you! How can you capitalize on this opportunity? Consider these options:

  • Solar eclipse parties (make sure you obtain safety glasses for your guests; you can order them here for free (+S&H)  or search for companies that allow you to add your logo to them)
  • Eclipse menus (sunny cupcakes? Eggs over easy? Moon pie? Oh Pinterest, how we love you); think of something tasty you can spin with an eclipse theme
  • Eclipse room rates? How about a deal on multiple nights for the weary sun/moon seeker?
  • In fact…eclipse deals of any kind…save X amount on goods/services during the week of 8/19-8/23; you can create digital or printed coupons and mail them to previous customers or offer them in flyers, etc.
  • Anything that mitigates the time people have to wait in line for seating or services is a win! (Print out eclipse menus and pass them around before the guests are seated, for example)

Everybody Sing It With Me Now...



The sky is the limit! If you’ll pardon the pun. This also means you should be prepared, however. Here are some heads up tips to help you cope with the increased business:

  • Be ready with your credit card reader. In fact, make sure all of your technology is up to date and in working order.
  • Make sure you have beefed up the staff for this time period…don’t get caught short handed!
  • Are your licenses up to date? For instance, if you serve liquor, make sure your OLCC isn’t set to expire soon. Same with food handler’s cards, etc.
  • How are the bathrooms stocked up at your business? Something we don’t often think about with an influx of visitors: the need for extra TP and soap
  • Have enough garbage receptacles? Nothing worse than cleaning up after a bunch of eclipse chasers. Provide them with the means to pick up after themselves.

Next episode: What the heck IS an eclipse, what does "path of totality" mean exactly, and, most importantly, how do I see this phenomenon without losing my retinas? Guest eclipse aficionado Brian Gailey will also be on hand to tell us how to photograph the eclipse without burning our eyeballs out.

Have more ideas about how to make the eclipse work for your business? We want to hear from you! Visit us on Facebook or email us today!



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