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Feb 28, 2017 — by: Chrystal Vaughan

If you didn't read last week's post, here's a little recap: Chrystal went rummaging around in the back room to find some old documents and ended up finding a GOLD MINE of old photographs instead. We have no clue who the people in the photographs are, but in some cases, you can identify where they are.

Last week, I posted this photo, where you can clearly see the Chamber of Commerce in the background, when it was located on Main Street back in the day. Look how happy they all are, even though they can only park those trucks for 60 minutes, aren't allowed to double park, and are unable to make any u-turns. They also have to register their foreign cars, but maybe someone better with cars than I am could tell me if those trucks needed registering or not. Anyone?



I still haven't found any of the folks in this photo, but the two ladies in the front look like they are about to hit those trucks with champagne bottles. Either they really hate champagne, or this is some kind of inaugural running of the trucks. If you have information about this photograph, please email me at

Here's another photograph I found in the back room, and this is a classic "take my picture while I'm in the middle of opening my maw to take a bite" photo. Don't you just love that? Everyone seems to have at least one or two of them. I bet the waiter came along and asked if she needed anything right after this was taken.



I have a serious love for both of their hats. Does anyone know in what era this style of hat was worn by ladies? And to the lady with the fork halfway in her mouth, I'm so sorry to post this on the internet, long after I'm sure you thought it was over. But alas...just as with anything posted on the internet, film is forever. 

Does anyone know these hungry ladies? Let me know!

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