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Nov 9, 2017 — by: Chrystal Vaughan

97th Annual Gala Award Nominations






Oh Daleks! How right you are (in this instance only). It's true, the Chamber's 97th Annual Awards Gala is now accepting nominations. Your nomination is guaranteed not to self destruct or result in extermination! Isn't that great?

If this were really Dr. Who, I would suddenly leave in my wibbly wobbly timey wimey Tardis, but I'm not, fortunately for you because if I did, you would not know what to do next and that is very sad, friends!

There are two ways to nominate: Online or Onpaper

There are Seven Categories (technically eight but here's why):

  • Big Idea Innovation Award
  • Environmental Leadership Award
  • Commitment to Community Award
  • Best Place to Work (2 Categories, this is why)
  • Spirit of Entrepreneurism
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Pathfinder Award

What if you say, "But Dr., I don't know who/what/how/when/where/why to nominate someone for these prestigious awards!" and I would reply, "I'm not a doctor, I just play one on tv. And also, think of this:

Do you know a business, organization, or individual who:

  • employs new ideas or approaches to doing business?
  • demonstrates an alignment with clean energy or clean technology practices?
  • demonstrates a successful approach to corporate social responsibility and can show a positive impact on the community?
  • provides employees with an outstanding positive, healthy and productive workplace?
  • exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit, originality, personal integrity, and influence, who takes risks?
  • has demonstrated exceptional business achievement and outstanding commitment to Klamath’s business community over their lifetime?
  • devotes time and energy to strengthen and transform the organization that they lead?"

To which you would proclaim, "OF COURSE I DO!" and then you would just nominate them. Easy peasy, lemon sqeezy!


So what are you waiting for!? Nominate your peeps! Yourself! The person standing next to you! But only if they fit the criteria listed above!

AND THEN, on January 27th, 2018, the Gala Awards will roll out the red carpet for these nominees. How will you know if the person/peeps you nominated have won unless you have purchased your tickets months in advance and waited with breathless*** anticipation from that day to this?

***Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to cease breathing from today's date to January 27th, 2018 as it may result in complications.

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