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Oct 25, 2016 — by: Chrystal Vaughan

There are a billion reasons why businesses should join the Chamber. Or at least 529 that I could think of off the top of my head. But one of the most compelling reasons has to do with ears. Or more specifically, hearing.

You might be thinking, "Gosh, Chrystal, this is really out there. How can HEARING help businesses who join the Chamber? You are so nutty!"

But hear me out (see what I did there?). I could get all semantic-y on you and talk about how business who listen to their customers are typically more successful than those who ignore them (true). I could also talk about having your ear to the ground on current trends in marketing and how that can help your business (true). But what I'm specifically referring to in Reason #472 is how your customers receive your advertising. And nothing is more effective than having them hear your message. Check it out:


Before I get inundated (please, inundate me) with a flood of messages asking me if you've read that right, let me assure you that you have. All new members who sign up for membership receive *F*R*E*E* radio advertising from Basin Mediactive. $500 bucks worth. That's nothing to sneeze at, in my opinion. What do you think? Could your business use free radio time?

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  1. Brandon Ellery ~ Dec. 2, 2016 @ 10:31 am

    Thank you for this enlightening article! I want to join the Chamber because I value the contacts and fellowship provided, but free advertising is icing on the cake! I am welcome to any correspondence that comes from this response. #

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