Learn about landlord and tenant law at the Klamath County Library

Host Klamath County Library
Location Downtown Klamath County Library
Date Sep 20, 2018
Time 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Thursday, September 20th 6PM

Downtown Klamath County Library

On Thursday, September 20th at 6 pm, the downtown Klamath County Library will host the latest in the “Lay Person Legal” seminar series: a beginner’s guide to Landlord/Tenant Law in Oregon.

Attendees will get a better appreciation of how the legal system works, particularly if they are attempting to navigate the courts without a lawyer. The presentation will cover important things to tenants to know, how to avoid trouble with the landlord, and how to deal with problems as they arise.

Presenter Drew Hartnett is an attorney with Legal Aid Services of Oregon, practicing, among other areas, in the field of Landlord/Tenant law, focusing on protecting tenant rights and maintaining safe, habitable and available housing in the Klamath and Lake County communities.  Hartnett is licensed in Oregon and Kansas, and has lived in Oregon for 15 years. 

This seminar series is a partnership between the downtown Klamath County Library, the Loyd De Lap Law Library, the Klamath County Bar Association and Legal Aid Services of Oregon. Please note that Lay Person Legal presenters cannot give individual legal advice on any specific case.

No registration is required. For more information, please call 541-882-8894.