8 Weeks to Improved Confidence, Serenity and Empowerment

Host Positive Flow Enterprises, LLC
Location 724 Main St. Suite 211
Date Apr 04, 2018
Time 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Confidence, Serenity, and Empowerment Workshops

The focus of this workshop series is on how we can increase:
> Confidence through realizing our strengths
> Serenity by understanding how our thoughts dictate our sense of peace
> Empowerment as a result of overcoming our fears and perceived weaknesses

The series will include the following subjects:
~ Fling the Flack – identifying challenges and barriers to our success and reenergizing our strengths
~ Timing is Everything – An exploration of communication timing
~ False Expectations Appearing Real – A fun and enlightening look at fear and how it works in our lives
~ Habits and Rituals – A development tool for enhancing serenity
~ Clarifying Your Values – An exercise designed to identify what’s truly important to you for better time management
~ Other subjects will be provided considering the group's progress

The *$100 cost of the series includes:
~ Weekly workshops featuring one subject each week
~ In-depth worksheets to explore each subject
~ Group discussion and participation
~ A better understanding of what works for YOU and how to take action!
~ A closed facebook page for encouragement and discussion will be provided, that is specific to your own group
~ Meaningful, supportive, and healthy connections with others in the group
~ Light beverages and snacks will be available during the workshops
* Payment plans available!

Group discussion sessions meet weekly, Noon-1:00PM beginning April 4, 2018.
We will be skipping the last week of March for Spring Break
Sessions meet at 724 Main St. Suite 211
Klamath Falls, OR

This series was formulated by request of our latest 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra Workshop group! (See our Facebook page for the next start time of that series as well.)

All workshops, worksheets, and discussions are produced and facilitated by Betty Ramey Purcell BS PCC ~ Professional Certified Coach

Reach Betty at 541.892.7449
or betty@dimink.com
for more details.


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