Supporting Local Entrepreneurs of All Ages to Pursue Dreams of Business Success

The Klamath IDEA (Inspire Development – Energize Acceleration) provides support to entrepreneurs for start-up, business expansion, product development and commercialization—with the long term goal of sustainable job creation in Klamath County.

This innovative project supports the entrepreneurial spirit, particularly when it leads to new jobs and enriches the community and its economy. The IDEA is the start point for a venture to  row, mature, and ultimately move on to become a successful member of the greater business community. Klamath IDEA brings education, economic development, private business, financial institutions, municipal, county, and state governments together with entrepreneurs, innovators, and successful businesses to accelerate job creation and promote marketable commodities to expand the local and state economy.

For more information on the IDEA, contact the IDEA Coordinator at (541) 887-8332 or via email.

IDEA Supporters Achieving the IDEA vision and mission requires commitment and support from a dedicated group of organizations, businesses, and people. Klamath IDEA stakeholders and supporters include:

  • Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech)
  • Klamath Community College (KCC)
  • Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA)
  • Klamath County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber)
  • South Central Oregon Economic Development District (SCOEDD)
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
  • SolenSphere Renewables
  • Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union (PCFCU)
  • OSU Extension Service
  • Regional Workforce Investment Board (RWIB)
  • City of Klamath Falls
  • Klamath County
  • Diversified Contractors Inc.
  • Washington Federal Bank
  • Coldwell Banker Realty


Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls have a rich tradition of natural resource and agricultural based economic activity, as well as a significant history of technology education. Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) began classes in 1947 and has built a reputation as one of our country’s finest Applied Sciences Universities. Klamath Community College (KCC) has partnered with Oregon Tech to offer a seamless transition from general college courses to specialty degrees in engineering, renewable energy technology, healthcare, and business administration. KCC excels in Diesel Mechanics certification, welding, and healthcare training, and is adding a culinary arts degree and an agricultural degree in partnership with OSU. The City of Klamath Falls is on the leading edge for the utilization of geothermal resources. Klamath has successfully employed TEAM Klamath (an ad hoc group of entities that brings resources and skills to bear on economic development opportunities) for economic development, Klamath IDEA will follow a similar path, with a more formal structure, and many of the same participants. In the beginning, IDEA will be housed as a Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Action Team to facilitate communications, scheduling, information capture, project promotion and fiscal management. As the project grows, it may be housed in other settings and governed by its own board of directors.