The Oregon You've Never Scene: Klamath County

A hidden jewel in the crown of Southern Oregon, Klamath County offers both the novice and the professional photograph or filmmaker a vast array of filming opportunities. Surrounded by lakes, forests, rivers, and wildlife refuges, Klamath County is ideally located and provides breathtaking panoramic vistas in all directions.

Klamath Falls, the city proper, is the quintessential small town: the charming main street is decorated with vibrant trees and filled with architectural interest. Throughout the downtown area, various art deco style buildings and residences boast of a rich history. The Ross Ragland Theater is a fine example of art deco style architecture and is home to a thriving cultural center.

In fact, the region is steeped in history. The nearby Lava Beds National Monument and Tulelake World War II Interment Center remind visitors of times nearly forgotten. Other historical buildings to spark filmmaking or photography interests include abandoned timber mills dating back to the 1930s and 40s.

Klamath County is not all about the past, however. The Oregon Institute of Technology provides students, and visitors, a glimpse into the future. Serving nearly 45,000 people, Klamath County contains numerous such innovative settings, such as the Sky Lakes Medical Center, which provides a modern hospital setting, and the Air National Guard Military Base, showcasing both new and old aircraft.

So whether you are planning a series of photography events, have visions of a blockbuster new movie (did you know that parts of the movie “Wild”, starring Reese Witherspoon, were filmed in Klamath County?), or simply want to click some pictures of elusive wildlife or interesting buildings, Klamath County should be high on your list of locations!

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